Goods delivery from supermarkets in Tenerife : Mercadona, Lidl, Hiperdino
Contact-less delivery - we leave it by your door
Delivered on the next day

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How it works
The order
Choose a supermarket, complete the form, creating a list of the desired products. Attention! After submitting your shopping list, you will be asked to pay only the delivery cost (15 euros) by a credit card or PayPal.

Processing your order
The courier will purchase the items of your list in the chosen supermarket. They will then send you a photo of the ticket and a link to the payment by a credit card or PayPal by Whatsapp. The comission of the payment system will be 4.5%.
Once the courier receives the confirmation of your payment (it usually takes around 5 minutes), your order will be on its way. The courier will leave the order by your door and will inform you about it by WhatsApp. You will be able to pick up your order as soon as the courier is a minimum of 5 meters away from your door.
Goods delivery from supermarkets

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1.Asturiana milk, whole -2 bricks;
2.M-sized eggs, box of 10 – 1 box;
3.Activia cherry-flavoured yoghurt – 3 packs of 6 pots
4.8L Fonteide water bottle – 3 bottles;
5.Medium-sized tangerins - 2 kg; 6.Medium-sized green apples – 2 kg;
7.Melior red wine – 3 bottles;
8.Viña Sol White wine – 3 bottles
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Important information!
You send us your shopping list, on the next day we go to the supermarket, buy your items and deliver them to you
Delivery price: 15 euros

Price of buying your items: total amount in the supermarket ticket + 4.5% as the payment system commission

In case you do not pay for the purchase of the items from your list, the order will be cancelled and the delivery cost will not be reimbursed.

We only work with Mercadona, Lidl, HiperDino supermarkets

You will provide us your Whatsapp number so that the courier may contact you in case they need clarification regarding your shopping list, or to provide you alternatives or cross the item off your list in case they are out of stock

The courier does not come in contact with the client, wears a mask and gloves that they dispose of after delivering each order
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The CICOMIDA contact-less goods delivery service is hiring delivery people for providing home delivery services.

Main tasks include purchasing and delivering of goods from Mercadona, Lidl, Hiperdino supermarkets.

The delivery person must provide proof of a proper means of transport and a driver´s license, and have written communication skills of purchasing goods in Russian, English and Spanish. (It is permitted to use an online translator).

CICOMIDA provides the necessary permits to work during the quarantine.

The service is performed by the company UAB "SoftUniq" with a registration number: 303007871g. 41-12, Polimo, Vilnius, Lithuania RepublicLT-01136
  • We accept orders 24/7
  • Delivery Mo-Su: 12:00-20:00

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