Terms and conditions of the CICOMIDA service

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 UAB "SoftUniq" with registration number 303007871, based at 41-12, Polimo, LT-01136, Vilnius, Lithuania Republic (from here on "CICOMIDA") offers to an user of Internet (from here on "User") to use the CICOMIDA service available on the following website: https://cicomida.com/ (from here on "Service").

1.2. In any matters not covered by the Terms and conditions, the relationship between CICOMIDA and the User in regard to the use of the Service will be subject to the Privacy Policy(https://cicomida.com/privacy).

1.3. Starting the use of the Service or its selected functions, the User will be considered to have accepted the Terms and conditions as well as the terms of all above-mentioned documents, in their entirety, without any reservations and exceptions. Shall the User disagree with any of the clauses of the mentioned documents, the User will not be able to make use of the service.

1.4. CICOMIDA reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions without special notice, where the new version of the Terms and Conditions will be effective from the moment of its publication on the website indicated in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Terms and Conditions. The current version of the Terms and Conditions is always available on the following website: https://cicomida.com/terms-en

1.5. Shall the User disagree with the modifications made by CICOMIDA under the procedure established in clause 1.4. of the Terms and Conditions, the User must stop making use of the Service.

1.6. Using the Service, the User agrees to receive messages of of an informational nature.

2. Use of the Service. Its selected functions.

2.1. The Service provides to the User services regarding the state of the order placed on third party websites, composing an informative message to be received by the User, regarding the state of the order, of modifications and agreements on the delivery time.

2.2. CICOMIDA is not responsable, nor will it compensate for any damage, direct and indirect, made to the User or third parties as the result of use or not being able to use the Service or information published regarding this latter. The User is conscious of and agrees that they themselves should estimate the risk regarding the use of the information published on the website of the Service.

2.3. The Service is provided to the User solely for personal and non-commercial use.

2.4. The User expresses consent to the processing of the personal data of the User of the Service, as well as expressing consent to the fact that the Service will send them an informative message using the contacts and telephone numbers indicated by the User, including the websites of third parties where the User has placed an order with information support, provided by the Service, for providing services understood as part of the Service. When the Service is used by the User, personal information will be transferred to CICOMIDA for its processing, under the conditions and for purposes determined in the Privacy Policy, available on the following website: https://cicomida.com/privacy.

2.5. CICOMIDA reserves its right to limit, at its own discretion, User´s access to the Service (or its selected functions, shall it be technically possible) using theirs User´s account, or to completely block their User´s account given the multiple violations of the Terms and Conditions, or to apply to the User other kinds of measures in order to ensure that the User complies with the current legislation or with the rights and legal interests of third parties.

Publication date: 04/01/2020
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